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The cutest 4-foot tall snowman you've ever seen. 

You make him of plywood and paint him. 

He'll be the hit of the neighborhood!

This is a Full Size Pattern

Price: $10

Hazel is the happiest witch you've ever seen. 
She is almost 4 feet tall.
You cut her out of plywood and paint her
with your choice of colors. 
Bright orange hair and a big black hat are her best features.

This is a Full Size Pattern

Price: $10

A wonderful ghost! 
You cut him out of plywood. He is almost 3 feet tall. 
His rosy cheeks and polka-dot bow tie make him adorable.

This is a Full Size Pattern

Price: $7.50

Is the floor too far away?  Is it hard to bend over and pick up the newspaper?  Are you tired of crawling into the dryer to get that last sock?  This is the answer.  You need just one piece of board 1/2" X  6" X  24" and one cotter pin.

Price: $3.50

Does your husband have three pair of glasses? 

Does he wear one pair, has two pair left, and only one pocket?  Mine does, and this is the solution.  This project requires a piece of leather 11" X 14" and glue.  It also works if he only has two pair of glasses.

Price: $3.50

You are the boss!  Any sweatshirt (ladies' sizes), any color, any, pattern you choose for the yoke, and you will have a very different and beautiful sweatshirt.  You will need about one skein of yarn for each yoke.  Multiple colors will require more yarn. 

Price: $3.50

Do the men in your family wear the ties that are already tied?  The plastic hook slips over the collar of the shirt and holds the tie in place.  What drawer do you keep them in?  Are you tired of ironing them all the time?  I have the solution.  A tie rack which is specifically made for these ties!  Ready to use. 

Order yours today.

Please note: This is not a pattern but a completed tie rack.

Price: $10