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featuring the best music of the big band era,

Broadway, and light jazz

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Our Choral Compositions are divided into these 2 categories:

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How it Works:

When you place an order, you will receive computer-generated copies of the work on 8 & 1/2” x 11” 24 pound bond paper.  The copies will be in the form of a center-stapled booklet.   Some of the markings will be handwritten. They will normally be shipped using Media Mail (USPS).

Shipping and Handling charges will be applied as follows:
1 to 9 items $3.00 Total Shipping
10 items and up $5.00 Total Shipping

A Sampler Packet of my works will soon be available for purchase at a cost of $8.00.  The Sampler Packet will contain one page (probably the first) of each of my choral works listed on this web site.

Since printing costs, like everything else, have skyrocketed, some of my works are now costing me more to produce than I could reasonably sell them for, so I am making you this offer:  For $100.00 I will send you a single copy of any one of my choral works along with with limited photocopy permission.

Of course, you may still purchase multiple copies. The price for each copy of most of my works will be $2.25.  Several of my longer pieces and my medleys, however, will be priced individually according to several factors, one of which is their length.  The special price will be noted in the left column.