" THE ASTRONAUT " Is the first of my poems, and here are a few of the verses:

"I can be an astronaut
And blast off to the stars.
I can circle Jupiter
And even land on Mars. ...
... I'll fire my retro-rockets
And back to earth I'll fly...
Because Mom says it's time for lunch
And we're having pizza pie.

Later on this afternoon
I may blast off again,
Because I can do anything
Whenever I pretend."

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"Whenever I Pretend" Books of Original Poetry

This is a delightful collection of ten poems (so far) to read to your children.  All the poems allow a child's imagination to grow, and all the poems end with the line, "Because I can do anything whenever I pretend." I am so proud of my wife's collection, I recommend it to you, and --- when have I ever lied to you? 

Price: $10

Thank You,

Ruth M. Liebau
The Astronaut
The Author
The Ballerina
The Circus Star
The Cowboy
The Deep Sea Diver
The Musician
The Polar Bear
The Truck Driver
The Veterinarian
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Writing poetry and song lyrics is something I have done for many years.    My husband, Raymond, was a pianist and composer at the University of Mississippi for thirty years.  Together we have written songs that the University of Mississippi Concert Singers have performed in Carnegie Hall, in Eastern and Western Europe, and in many other venues in the world.
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